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Trevor Fernandes - Zanzibar & Seattle (U.S.)

Sporting Highlights -Trevor Fernandes
Zanzibar & Seattle

Special thanks to Mum & Dad who saved my sports articles when I didn’t appreciate them as much.

Dad for being my first coach.​

Zanzibar: Thanks to: Accu, Agnel, Amyot, Anthony Mendes, Anthony Miranda (Ref), Ceasar, Cajetan D’Silva, Gajendra, Lenny (Ref), Oliver, Tony & Ralph D’Sousa, Tony (Nick), Wolfango, Dr. Barton, Ahmed Idi, all school & men’s teammates and all whom I may have left out, for believing in me and supporting me through my young career in Zanzibar.​

Goa (India): Frs. Arnold, Ephram, Terrance, Chrysostom & Wilson Paes. Mike D’Sousa (Dhempo Sousa) and all St. Anthony’s Monte Guirre School players & students.​

Bangalore (India): Allan McBride, Fr. Sequeira, Mr. Das. All my college teammates at St. Joseph’s and Bangalore Universities. V. Peters – Mysore/Karnataka State. The first time that Bangalore Univ. had ever won the All Indian University Championship. That’s when I scored my double-hat-trick against Benares University, first 6 out of 7 goals.​

Combined Universities: Balkishan Singh. I was the highest scorer on Aussie tour – 15 goals in 5.5 games.​

India Seniors: Balkishan Singh, Udham Singh, K.D. Singh Babu, R.S. Gentle, Ajitpal Singh(capt), Jose Gonsalves, Jimmy Nagarwala, M.P. Ganesh and all those I may have forgotten both teammates and coaches.​

Seattle (U.S.): Special thanks to Mervyn (brother) who brought back my passion for the game after 3 years of playing only soccer. My first team in the US “Rye Mixers” sponsored by a beer company went unbeaten in the Berkeley Tournament (playing 3 games a day, for3 days). It had international players but what surprised me most was the way the European players (mostly Dutch) on our team could drink and still play well. We were 3 Fernandes brothers (Mervyn, Trevor & Hector). United Bothers/LA, Junghi, Pali, Hemat, Suki & all the rest of the team, winners of California Cup.​

Thanks to: Hector, Desmond, Beryl, Ramona, Thom Bangasser, Richard Casmier, Simba Soccer Team and all my teammates in Seattle Hockey Club. Sorry I don’t have any pics of our Seattle Team but would love to add them if any of you have some.​

U.S. 1984 Olympic Team: Allan Woods, Moin Iqbal, Gavin Fertherstone, Lee Yodder & all teammates.​

Thanks to Terrell & Tiara (son & daughter) for helping me put these pics and articles on PowerPoint.​

Please use the “zoom” at bottom right corner to increase the font to better read the articles for they are in small newspaper font are old and faded.​

Trevor Fernandes​

Mum's book.

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Trevor Fernandes’​

Sports Articles & Pictures​

Zanzibar (1964 – 1967) ​

India (1967 – 1974)​

USA (1974 – 1984)​

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Seattle Univ. Soccer, beat RCC 10-2.
Disastrous opening day for Green River.

With Indian Blazer
Bottom pic: India v/s Singapore

India West

Rye Mixers my first team I played on in the US.
Hector, Mervyn & Trevor
(3 Fernandes brothers) 1979.

Top Picture: Rye Mixers unbeaten throughout
the Berkeley Tournament. A good mix of Dutch,
English and Fernandes brothers.
Picture below:
Trevor, Mervyn & Hector
United Brothers 1980 Winners of California Cup
Three Fernandes brothers, Mervyn, Trevor & Hector

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Petrovisky Soccer 1975
Front: Thom, ?? Richard
2nd Row: Norm, Hector, Ken, Trevor
3rd & 4th Row ?????

Simba Soccer Club - Seattle 1977

Seattle University, beat GRCC 10-2.
Disastrous opening day for Green River.

Seattle University Soccer

Seattle University Soccer
Seattle U Soccer.

Seattle U.

USA 1984 Olympic Field Hockey - Arco Solar.
Trevor, Randy, Lipscher, Raul Cox &
Nigel Traverso

At Olympic Village Los Angeles 1984.

At Governor Spellman's Reception at the Capitol

Opening Ceremony, Los Angeles

At Olympic Training Centre - Colorado Springs.

Members of the Seattle Field Hockey Team
at Fundraiser at Thom Bangasser Residence.
Raj, Ruby, Sami, Ken. Trevor

US Field Hockey Profiles

OASIS Soccer Club 1979, Seattle
Members of Simba Soccer Club.
L-R: Sam, Tony Loume, Seboa, Trevor, Hector & Nambdi.

Simba Soccer: Standing L to R. ???? (Nigeria), Trevor (Tanzania/India), Dauti (Uganda),
Mambo (Zaire), John, Reggie, Sam Ekong, (Nigeria).
Sitting: Hector, (Tanzania/India), Daniel (Ethiopia), Andre (Hawaii), Zach (Zaire) &
Joe Nate (Ghana)

US v/s Malaysia
Pre-Olympic friendly US v/s Canada
At Capital in Olympia Washington.
Putting name on Corvette to drive to Capital.

With Edwin Moses US Hurdler
Nigel Traverso & Rawle Cox.

Spain - Michael, Trevor, Rawle & Lee Yodder.

US Olympic Hockey Team 1984
US v/s India

Beacon Hill News

United Arab Republic (Egypt) visit.
L - R: Khalid, Mauled, Seif Rashid,
Trevor shaking hands with President Karume,
Ceaser & Oliver.

1965, Pakistan Visit. Tony, Trevor with
President Abeid Karume, Seif Rashid,
Mistry, scored the goal for Zanzibar.

St. Anthony's Monte de Guirre, Goa, India. 1967 All India Schools Tournament, Bombay.

Combined Universities - Being introduced to Australian Ambassador in New Delhi
just before leaving for Australian Tour.

CYC Sports Bangalore.

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Dear Trevor,

All Zanzibaris are very proud of you.

Wishing you and your Family 

A Merry Christmas' & 
'A Happy New Year'. 


Benny & All your Global friends.
2023 - 2024

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Hello Trevor

Thank you for providing a biography of your accomplishments and a record of this from numerous sources. I was Mervyn’s classmate and over the years I have post contact with him. Please give him my warmest regards.

I know he lives in Brentwood, LA and many years ago I stayed with him during my regular visits to the USA from Australia.

A very Happy Christmas and New Year.